DOWNLOAD SEMINAR PAPER 1 - SME - Treatment of UPES, Division 152 and Divorce

DOWNLOAD SEMINAR PAPER 2 - Use of Discretionary Trusts

Date & Time: 15:30 for 16:00 commencement, Tuesday 25 March 2014

Venue: Captain's Room

The Pavilion

Allan Border Field

1 Greg Chappell Street

Breakfast Creek 4010

There is nothing simple or straight forward about UPEs. The Commissioner’s views have created doubt and risk for SME advisers. To make matters worse, many of the ATO’s views remain largely unreported by the various professional bodies.

Advisers need to understand that the treatment of UPEs may impact clients in a variety of tax contexts including the Small Business CGT Concessions.

 Please join us for a number of important tax updates, a revision of your current asset protection strategies as well as a unique examination of UPE issues that you’ve never considered before.